Terms & Conditions

Our main priority is the safety of all the dogs in our care. We have designed our space for optimal dog socialization and to provide our customers with peach of mind. We are screening dogs to make sure this is an appropriate environment for all dogs in our care. We always have staff on hand as well to intervene and manage daily interactions. Additionally, we are fully insured to cover all dogs while they are in our facility, As much as we do our best to prevent them there is always a risk of accident or injury when dogs are running, playing, and interacting within our space.  Similarly there is a risk of the spread of illness as well. We do our best to prevent this by requiring vaccination records and screening for visibly sick dogs. However, similar to children in school, the spread of canine illness can spread between dogs within our facility. By using any of our services you confirm the below.

I have read, understand, and agree to all of the following :

  1. I certify that all information provided during registration is accurate. The vaccination records provided represent current vaccinations for my dog(s) and I agree to keep those up to date as needed and provide Brooklyn Pawffice with this information. I agree to alert Brooklyn Pawffice of physical, medical and behavioral changes as they arise.
  2. I acknowledge and agree to the operating hours and procedures of Brooklyn Pawffice. Brooklyn Pawffice may charge my card on file additional fees based on their procedures. If I do not provide a card, means of payment, or continually break procedure, this can lead to rescinding of services.
  3. Brooklyn Pawffice has sole responsibility and decision power to file or not file insurance claims through the company’s insurance in instances of injury or illness thought to be incurred on Brooklyn Pawffice premises. If Brooklyn Pawffice does file an insurance claim on my behalf I agree to accept the outcome and pursue no litigation or claims involving Brooklyn Pawffice.
  4. I agree to hold Brooklyn Pawffice harmless and indemnify them from and against all claims, damages, losses and expenses incurred, arising, or resulting from the actions of my dog during its stay at Brooklyn Pawffice.
  5. I fully understand, accept and assume all risks involved with sending my dog to Brooklyn Pawffice where they will be interacting with other dogs and humans as management sees fit.
  6. If my dog(s) exhibits aggressive, detrimental, or unacceptable behavior in any form or if it is determined to not be good fit at any point the Brooklyn Pawffice has the right to refuse or rescind service. I agree to accept this decision. I will pursue no public slander or defamation of character in such instances.
  7. I will not hold Brooklyn Pawffice liable or responsible for any loss or damage to any  personal belongings that I may leave with my dog for any service. I will not hold Brooklyn Pawffice liable or responsible for any damage caused by my dog left at my home after it is dropped off at my home or on its way home.
  8. I agree that all photos and video footage taken of my dog(s) while in the care of Brooklyn Pawffice may be used in social media, advertising and marketing campaigns, website images and other uses for promoting the services of Brooklyn Pawffice as they see fit.
  9. If any under circumstance my dog appears to be ill, injured or requiring medical attention, Brooklyn Pawffice, in their sole discretion, may seek veterinary care of its choosing on my behalf and that I will be responsible for all expenses. I agree that Brooklyn Pawffice will not be liable for the actions and decisions of the veterinarian. If I cannot make immediate payment, I agree to reimburse Brooklyn Pawffice for any and all payment made on my dog’s behalf as well as any additional fees and services. 
  10. I agree not to harm Brooklyn Pawffice’s reputation in connection with any of the actions described above.