5 Walks


  • Five 30 minute walks
  • Never expires
  • Subject to availability and service area
  • See below for instructions on how to use

5 walks for you to use at your convenience. Just enter your code when you book and wait for confirmation. Recurring schedules work best to guarantee availability.

After you purchase your package you will receive a coupon code to be used 5 times. You can then go to the walk calendar and add the days you are looking to book to your cart by clicking “book now” and don’t worry about the cost as the coupon will cover it. We are working to add the functionality to select multiple non consecutive days, but for now you can add consecutive days or non consecutive days separately. Feel free to check out all at once after adding your selected days. Once you go the cart you will see “Available Coupons (click on a coupon to use it)” and your coupon code should be there. You can click on it and it should deduct the cost of the walk(s). 

If you have any issues finding your code please add the walks you want to book and go to your account. Feel free to reach out with any questions or issues at 929-258-8350 or info@brooklynpawffice..com.