Please find our most current prices for our services below. Please note you can save money and get a cheaper rate when purchasing packages for daycares and walks. Prices are subject to change based on availability and updated pricing.

$45 per day
7-44% savings possible by purchasing a 

$80 per night
Days are included except on the first and last day. Discounted early check in and late check out options are available and can be booked online.
Holiday rate – additional $20 per night

$26 per walk
8-30% savings possible by purchasing a package

Starts at $110 and will be assessed after the grooming. We do our best to offer fair prices, but it is hard to determine an exact price without first seeing the dog and working with them.  Please submit the form and we will try to arrange a time to do the grooming and provide more information as needed. 

Start at $50 and is based on the size of the dog. Can be booked online.

Training Sessions 
$50-$80 per session
10-20% savings when purchasing multiple sessions