Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started with daycare? What are the requirements?
To get started with daycare, please register and the you can book using our daycare calendar. Proof of vaccination is required for all dogs. Please make sure to upload a document or receipt that shows your dog is current for Rabies, DH2PP and Bordetella during registration. Neutering is required for dogs over 18 months and/or 70 pounds. We can do a temperament test before your dog’s first day if desired. 

Is a temperament test necessary? How can I schedule one?
No, it is not required, but recommended for dogs new to daycare and/or large social groups. If you are confident that your dog hey will do fine, you can register on our website and sign up for a day or half day of daycare. We will monitor throughout the day to make sure it all goes smoothly. If you are unsure of how your dog might do you can come in separately for a temperament test. We usually do temperament tests in the evenings on weekdays between 6:15-7:45 pm or on weekends between 7-10 am. It only takes 5-15 minutes to see how your dog does around new dogs in a new space. You can schedule one by emailing us at

How do pick ups/drop offs work?
You can book a pick up and/or a drop off when booking daycare as an add on. In the instructions you can add instructions for entry and how to leave your apartment/dog. We just need a way into the apartment, the most common methods being a lockbox, doorman, entry codes, or leaving us keys. Please let us know which leash is when dropping off in the morning if we are doing the drop off at the end of the day. We typically do the pick ups between 8:30 and 9:30 am and the drop offs between 4:00 and 6:00 pm.  

How many people are there throughout the day?
Depending on the number of dogs and the time, there is usually between 1-4 people. There is always at least 1 person. 

Can I bring food?
Yes, you can drop off a meal for your dog to have during the day. Please make sure to give it to a member of our staff when dropping off and label it or else we won’t know who the food is for and won’t be able to feed your dog. Please do not leave any food in the cubbies.

What is pricing like? 
Full days of daycare are $45, but with our packages can be as low as $36 a day. There is also a monthly unlimited plan that is even less per day and includes free early check in, free late check out, and discounted boarding. Half days of daycare is $35 for up to 5 hours. Boarding is $80 a night. 

How can I book? How do I pay?
Everything can be booked online. Payment is also done 100% online. Once booked you will be added to our calendar instantaneously.

Where can I find the link to the streams?
You can find those on your account page after registering. 

How do I use my package?
After you purchase your package you will receive a code to be used the designated amount of times. You can then go to the daycare calendar or walk calendar and add the days you are looking to book to your cart by clicking “book now.” You can add as many days as desired and check out all at once. Once you go the cart you will see “Available Coupons (click on a coupon to use it)” and your coupon code should be there. You can click on it and it should deduct the cost of the daycare to zero. Any add ons will still reflect in the total and you can pay for those separately. You can find your code and usage at the coupons page.

Will my dog be walked during the day?
Not unless specifically requested and added on when booking. We have a large backyard the the dogs will have access to throughout their day so they can get fresh air and go to the bathroom. This coupled with all the playing and running around they can do both inside and outside, make it so walks are not generally needed.  

Where do the dogs stay for boarding?
We stay downstairs for the boardings. It is very quiet, secluded and great for sleeping.  The room has plenty of dog beds, crates for those who prefer, AC/heating and is designed the same as upstairs.

What should I bring for boarding?
We definitely need food for the duration of your dog’s stay. Outside of that, You are more than welcome to bring medicine, beds, blankets or anything else from home. We rarely use treats or toys so those are not really necessary. 

Is there always someone there for boarding?
Yes, your dog will be under 24/7 supervision. There is always somewhere here.