Our backyard is approximately 1,000 square feet and has a large looming tree so there is almost always sun coverage in most if not all of the backyard. The fence is about 13 feet high so there is no chance of your dog escaping unless they are on a serious workout regimen. The ground is covered in turf and we have a hose that we use to clean the space as needed because we know there will be a lot of bathroom breaks in the yard. The backyard can be utilized for the daycare, grooming, training, or any way we see fit. Additionally we have a dog pool for hot summer days.

Brooklyn Pawffice BACKYARD trees


The inside is approximately 1,400 square feet and is the floor is covered in thick rubber mats to ensure safety and protection. There are two gates at our disposal to separate dogs by size/energy levels. There are three air conditioning and heating units to keep the indoors at a comfortable temperature and they are all elevated to 10 feet to prevent possible injury. We try to keep the space as open as possible and elevate everything and anything to allow the dogs plenty of space to play, run, rest, and relax. 

Brooklyn Pawffice inside floor


On the lower level is our de facto nap room and training room. It is around 550 square feet and is the floor is covered in he same thick rubber mats to ensure safety and protection. This room is mostly utilized for trainings, naps, feedings and isolation if needed. It has an air conditioning and heating unit, but maintains a cool, pleasant temperature naturally. There are two lamps with smart light bulbs so we can further control the mood of the room. It is a very quiet and isolated area, perfect for getting your pup to relax or focus. 

DOWNSTAIRS isolated area Brooklyn Pawffice


~Water bowls and fountains ~ Comfortable sleeping options ~ Cubbies for personal items ~ Front desk check in area ~ Dog pool 
~ Elevated heat and air conditioning ~ 3/8″ rubber floors ~ Smart Lighting ~ Multiple Google Nest Cameras